<呼 吸 / breath>

手工书 handmade book / 14 pages / 20*27.7cm
孔版印刷 risograph  / 手工裁切和装订 bound by waxed thread, ruler, niddle awl and my hands

Every page hovers in the natural blue and green. Winter is over, I want to melt some of the ice in my heart. In this spring, I entrust my heart to the air and breathe with nature together. There is a "catch the rain" pop-up card in the book. It's a kind of solemn communication to open your hand and catch the raindrop. Like to understand some cloud’s mind and give her a hug. In addition, I attached with the book a bark rubbing, toner and pencils record some trees in a park "at the moment here.".
Tree has very long life, but time flies, hold this moment, hope you to cherish.


<在这里的此刻 / at the moment here>

树皮拓印画(共50张) bark rubbings(50 pics)
色粉、彩铅 pastel&colored pencil/ 蒙肯纸 munkenpaper
148mm X 210mm

The original copy of the bark rubbings are attached randomly to each copy of <breath>, which should be said to be a part of <breath>.
Alone, I want to record the time slices of trees at this moment in their very long life, just like us in the universe.
Each one is rubbed from a different tree. At the same time, I had took photos of each tree. After finishing, I will set a website to record this.


<思雪2020 / snow2020>

手工书 handmade book / 32 pages / 148mm X 210mm & 70 X 95mm 
艺术微喷 giclée / 仿制宣纸 imitative rice paper / 缝纫机装订 bound by sewing machine

I made this book to recall this year's works.
The binding was sewn by sewing machine.
After the feelings of many paintings passed, they became strange in my heart, such as the ash left after burning, chewing too many times, over and over again.
The new snow was trampled into dirty snow.
So it's not for the purpose of summing up. It's just to give the feeling of nowhere to be.
Close the book and hope that this year will be over.
But the sorrow will continue…



手翻动画书 flip book / 215 pages / 148mm X 210mm & 70 X 95mm
四色印刷 four-color printing / 无线胶装 Wireless glue binding

 It is a story created of continuous imagination freely, like a dream. Consciousness goes through time like drifting.
I want to continue working on this and I hope you can get moved and warm from the small world of this book.



16 pages 孔版印刷 risograph  / 骑马钉装订 Saddle-stitched
一本关于戛然而止,突然消失的漫画    A comic book about suddenly disappearing


<祝猫猫健康快乐/wish your cats happy and healthy>

手翻动画书 flip book / 40 pages / 148mm X 210mm & 70 X 95mm
四色印刷 four-color printing / 无线胶装 Wireless glue binding

I drew my two cats "yangleduo" and "xuebi". Hope they are healthy and happy all the time.